Industrial Hemp Fiber & Hurd Info

Hemp fiber
Hemp bast fiber grows on the outer portion of the hemp stalk. Bast fiber is decorticated from the inner core of the hemp stalk. Bast fibers are used to produce textiles, clothing, canvas, rope, cordage, archival grade paper, and building materials.

Some estimate that a hemp fiber yield is 25% more than cotton and 600% more than flax.
Clothing made from hemp is stronger, more insulative, more absorbent, and more durable than cotton.

hempfibrehurdHemp hurds
The hemp hurd is the inner woody core of the hemp stalk. Hemp is low in lignin and high in cellulose. Hemp contains between 75-85 % cellulose. Hemp hurds can be used for construction materials (hempcrete), paper, animal bedding, oil absorbent, chemicals, plastics, & fuels (ethanol, methane, co-firing with coal, etc.)