Market Assessment for Farmers / Landowners

This market assessment is being performed to collect information regarding farmer and landowner interest in cultivating industrial hemp in the Northwest. Answering the following questions will provide us with the necessary information to help partner farmers and landowners with potential producer and handler licensees of industrial hemp.

For Oregonians in particular, this will help ensure that industrial hemp licenses are issued by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) for cultivation during the 2015 production season by providing ODA and other relevant state agencies with information regarding producer interest. For farmers and landowners in other states, this will help in lobbying efforts to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in your state.

Your Name:

Your State:

Your County:

Are you at least 18 years of age? YesNo
If yes, describe your land certification:

Do you have multiple locations? YesNo
If yes, what is the land certification for the other location(s)?:

How many acres are available for planting industrial hemp:

Land Type:

If irrigated land, what type of irrigation is used:

What crop(s) were last grown on your land?

If your land isn't certified Organic, are you interested in converting your land? YesNo
What, if any, type of equipment do you own/lease?

Can your equipment be altered to fit planting and harvesting needs? YesNo
How do you prefer product to be shipped?

Do you want to apply for an Industrial Hemp Producer License? YesNo
Do you want to apply for an Agricultural Hemp Seed Production Permit? YesNo
Are you interested in cultivating industrial hemp for research purposes, commercial purposes, or both?

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Please provide any other information pertinent to your situation that you think would be helpful: