Market Assessment for Cannabis Farmers / Landowners

This market assessment is being performed to collect information regarding farmer and landowner interest in cultivating cannabis in the Northwest. Answering the following questions will provide us with the necessary information to help partner farmers and landowners currently producing or wanting to produce cannabis products.

Your Name:

Your County:

Your Phone Number:

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Market Assessment for Landowners
Are you presently a landowner or farmer?

If landowner describe your land certification:

Do you have multiple locations? YesNo
If yes, what is the land certification for the other location(s)?

If your land isn't certified Organic, are you interested in converting your land? YesNo
What is your available space for growing cannabis?

How much of that is Indoor space?

How much of that is Outdoor space?

What, if any, type of equipment do you own?

Market Assessment for Farmers
Are you a currently a licensed cannabis farmer or processor? YesNo
Are you interested in cultivating cannabis products for medical and/or recreational use? YesNo
What is your experience in cannabis cultivation?

Do you currently have a farming operation in production? YesNo
Describe type of equipment owned?

Do you farm indoors / outdoors, or both?

Would you be interested in farming cannabis for seed, oils or flowers? YesNo
Are you seeking outdoor space for cannabis cultivation? YesNo
Are you seeking indoor space for cannabis cultivation? YesNo
Are you seeking investors? YesNo

Please provide any other information pertinent to your situation that you think would be helpful: