Market Assessment for Hemp Handlers

This market assessment is being performed to collect information regarding handler and processor interest in processing industrial hemp in the Northwest. Answering the following questions will provide us with the necessary information to help companies already involved in and those wanting to get involved with the development of industrial hemp products partner with cultivators, processors, facilities, manufacturers, investors, and other companies already engaged in or entering the industrial hemp industry.

For Oregonians in particular, this will help ensure that industrial hemp producer and handler licenses are issued by the Oregon Department of Agriculture for cultivation and processing during the 2015 production season. For handlers in other states, this will help in lobbying efforts to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in your state.

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Do you have an established processing facility? YesNo
What do you currently process?

Are you willing to convert your existing facility to process hemp seed? (if applicable) YesNo

Are you willing to convert your existing facility to process hemp fiber? (if applicable) YesNo

If yes, when could your facility begin processing industrial hemp?

Are you seeking investors to fund the conversion of your existing facility? YesNo

If you do not have an existing processing facility, are you interesting in building a new facility to process Industrial hemp seed and/or Industrial hemp fiber? Hemp SeedHemp Fiber

If you are interested in building a new facility, are you seeking investors? YesNo

Do you own or are you leasing land where the new facility can be built?

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